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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the application do what I can't do with YouTube alone?

The most important differences are seamless crossfading and the auto-fill feature. Auto-fill automatically finds matching songs and progressively creates a playlist for you. In fact, auto-fill allows you to use TubeDisco as your individual internet radio station. Search and add a first song to start with and TubeDisco will do the rest for you, if you want.

Why does the player stops sometimes and continues when I switch back to the browser tab?

Unfortunatelly, this is a default behaviour of the Flash plug-in. It saves bandwith as long as a Flash object is not visible. It does not start playing when the video is hidden in the background or even outside the view port of the current browser window. Due to this, the TubeDisco window should always be in the foreground.

What is auto-fill?

Auto-fill automatically adds new songs to your waitlist based on what you heared before. It uses the last song in your waitlist (or the first song from your “played tracks” if the waitlist is empty) to find the next matching song. It excludes all recently played songs so nothing is played twice. Auto-fill is executed every time a song is finished and the waitlist contains less than four songs.

Why does a song repeat after a while?

All songs in the “played tracks” list are excluded and won't be played again. However, this is true for the most recent 100 songs only. Depending on how often you start new songs, a very popular song may repeat after a few hours or earlier.

How to exclude songs I don't wanna hear?

Instead of pressing “remove song” double click the song or press “next”. This will add the song to the “played tracks” list and it won't be played again for a while. See the question above.

You can search for phrases or include and exclude single terms. For example, "radio ga ga" looks for titles with that phrase in the given order. ga ga -lady finds the title by Queen but not the artist with the same name. To search for titles from a specific genre type genre:disco for example.

What does the quality (HQ) button do?

TubeDisco uses high quality playback for both video and sound by default. If your internet connection is slow, try to turn off high quality. This will save you a lot bandwith but also decreases the quality of the music a lot.

Why is preloading of the other video so slow?

This is an intended behaviour of the YouTube video player. It tries to find a good ballance between bandwith and speed. The first few seconds of a video are loaded very fast. Everything else is loaded with a speed that matches the normal playing speed of the video.

Why does TubeDisco stresses my CPU so much?

Try to turn off the special effects (FX). Even if an effect looks simple, it may need a lot of overall performance and is recommended for fast computers only.

Is there any way to view the videos in full screen?

Currently, this is not yet possible due to limitations of the YouTube player.

What do I need to use TubeDisco?

All you need is a current web browser (or the TubeDisco app) with the Adobe Flash Player as well as JavaScript turned on. TubeDisco plays well in Firefox 3.0 and higher, Safari 3.1 and higher, Opera 9.0 and higher and Internet Explorer 7 and higher. Older web browsers like Internet Explorer 6 may work but aren't recommended.

Can I ask an other question?

Feel free to contact us or ask your question in the forum.

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